230 Large Size Wide Margin (Black) by Local Church Publishers

Hagerstown, MD

The bible that I have been using since I was baptised 7 years ago is literally falling from the seams and completely detached from the cover.  I have been looking for a new study bible for about 6 months and has been reading reviews, watching youtube, going to christian book stores, and looking at other people's bibles while at church.  I found out about local church bible publishers ministry (LCBP) online and was very happy that I did.  What ever bible I chose had to be a King James bible and it need to have good binding of the pages to the cover.  After watching a few reviews on the internet and checking out the bindery process of LCBP bibles, I decided to try their wide margin (230 model). Besides, their price was $68 including shipping and handle which was a fraction of the cost of the Cambridge publishing's option. I wanted a wide margin study bible but didn't want to invest over $200 or more on a good quality wide margin bible.  

Now, what I like about this bible is the simplicity and clarity of the text, no bells and whistle, but get the basics right! Love the binding, the cover, and the spacing around the text (for the exception of the inner margin in  the creases but I can live with it).  There are no cross reference texts, no red letter, no commentary, but I wanted to read the bible and find my own cross references etc, so this was perfect. It comes with a concordance as well which is pretty handy. There are tons of videos on youtube about LCBP bibles but I only saw a few about this specific one and so I decided to share some images to help someone who might be thinking about purchasing a wide margin King James Bible.  Each of their bibles are different but this one fit my needs well.  I am looking into getting a hand size bible for reading and talking with me to church.  I hope this helps. God bless!


Faith, Hope, & Love.

Ridge + Erica Engagement Session

Chambersburg, PA

Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it...
— Song of Solomon 8:7

Faith, Hope, and Love.


Mighty Manna!

When I found out that the missionary students at Takeo Missions released Manna Mix! , an energizing and tasty trail mix, minus the unhealthy ingredients, I was sold. We ordered our first pack immediately. I received it promptly, which was awesome because we were leaving for our trip to Vienna, Austria right around that time.  Marcus, our son, could not wait to open it up and try it, it did not disappoint.  I thank God for healthy options that actually taste good, especially with raising our precious 5 year old.  There is no additive, absolutely none: no caffeine, no theobromine, and no added sugar; God is Good. Marcus and I are enjoying it; we will post some images of us eating it in Vienna via our Instagram page.  So glad we were able to have this on our first trip to Europe, which includes long days of sightseeing and touring; this is a snack worth enjoying without the guilt after.  We are not endorsed by them or anything; we just want to get the word out.  Please head over to their website and grab your first pack! Not only because it taste good, or because there is no junk in it, but because I believe in supporting business and ministries that serve us with integrity. Find out more about Mighty Manna here.



Top 3 reason to get your wedding album in your wedding package

One thing is for sure, We all treasure our precious memories. I can only think of a few things that a sane person would run into their burning home to retrieve and I'm sure their photographs are among the top 3.  Being a husband for almost 7 years makes me realize that it is important to have art work of you and your spouse from the wedding day.  Let's face it, after your wedding day passes life goes on. For example, your family starts to grow and once the first child comes into the picture , no pun intended, priorities change dramatically.  So my advice, when planning your wedding and allocating funds for the big day Please, please, please prioritize getting the wedding album.

These are my top 3 reasons:

1. Technology changes quickly. Do you remember VHS, and floppy discs?  You don't want to have your images stuck on a piece of old technology.

The latest technology is cool and all but it will become old one day!

The latest technology is cool and all but it will become old one day!

2. I don't know of any photographers that design wedding albums from pictures taken by another photographer. If you trust your photographer to shoot your wedding, then allow him or her to design and deliver your wedding album. You don't want to know how many people have reached out to me to create an album for their wedding, that was shot by another photographer.  It is not easy as you may think to design your album artfully while telling the story of your special day.  Leave it up to the artist!

I'm more than a guy that press a camera button! I am an artist! You are the perfect subject :)

I'm more than a guy that press a camera button! I am an artist! You are the perfect subject :)

3. Most people never go back to ordering their wedding albums.  Life goes on after the honeymoon and priorities change.  Don't be that wife (or husband) that try to create their wedding album while being exhausted after work and hit a point where you just don't care any more.   

 I have a few more reasons why it is important to get your wedding album lumped into to your wedding package but I have to keep this short! If this helps one person then it was worth it! Feel free to leave comments, or questions below the post or contact me via contact page if you have any questions.  Please share! and follow us on instagram @MarlonMingPhotography



thank you! Faith, Hope, & Love.