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Founded in 2010 by Marlon, we specializes in crafting high-quality, timeless photographic memories. Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Maryland.

We believe that beautiful moments should be captured, treasured, and kept forever. 

Welcome friends! I’m a people-loving,  Jesus-obsessed photographer who shoots weddings and portraits.  I’m passionate and I’m good at what I do!

My availability is from Sunday to Thursday, with Friday and Saturday allocated for my family time.  

When I decided to pursue a career in photography 8 years ago, I knew that it would have to involve the human element.  While I love! nature, architecture, and still life photography, the human emotions and expressions appeals the most to me.  Since becoming a Christian in 2010 I became even more sensitive to human value and I believe with all my heart that everyone is beautiful, special, and made in the image of God, despite being marred by sin. At creation God spoke into existence all other living things but when it came to humanity, He molded us like a potter molds clay into a beautiful vessel (very intimate) and breathe His breath in us and we became a living being (see Genesis 1, & 2). We are HIS masterpiece!


Marlon made sure our photos reflected us personally as a couple. He exceeded our expectations!