The Dumbo Loft New York Wedding | Matt & Sherece Hill

Brooklyn, NY


On Sunday September 27, 2015, two families became one, but not just any family! my personal family and the Hill family are now eternally connected through holy matrimony.  This wedding is very near and dear to my heart because its the wedding of my younger sister Sherece.  Being a wedding photographer, I could not think of a more special gift to give, than the gift of photography; the talent that God has blessed me with.  I would love to give you a glimpse into their wedding day experience from my perspective and also some words from the couple themselves in a Q&A format.  Enjoy, and as always: Faith, Hope, and Love, but the greatest is LOVE


Q: How did you meet?

A:  Matthew and I met at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio

Q2. How did you propose?

A. Matthew proposed to me in the living room of his parents’ house in Seattle, Washington.  It was Thanksgiving 2012.  Matt had orchestrated the perfect setting/ moment.  He got his dad to play our special song.  Matthew gathered all the family and guests into the living room and ushered me into a special chair right by the piano, no-one knew of the impending announcement/surprise.    Everyone sat quietly, listening to Matt’s dad play Time After Time on the paino, then Matthew began singing.  This got some of his family so excited that they joined in – belting the lyrics loudly and emphatically.  Everyone thought the performance was a wonderful impromptu musical treat where everyone could sing along.  The crowd became aware of what was happening when, toward the end of the song, Matt walked toward me and revealed a box, he got down on one knee, held my hands and popped the beautiful question.  There was not a dry eye in the room!

Q3: How did you know partner was the one?

A. I knew Matthew was the one from a series of moments and events with him but the experience that sealed the deal for me was when he walked me home and played music from his iPod for me.  His musical tastes were wide and varied, worldly, and enchanting.  We both shared his headphones - each of us quietly listening with one ear bud in our ears to his playlist.  It was like Aurora Borealis for me – a wild, but calm blending of our shared tastes, likes, perspectives, emotions and identities – all through music.  He had so many songs that I loved and considered timeless classics, and so many I couldn’t wait to adopt as my new favorites.  Before he played the song that became our signature song – he told me it was one of his all time favorites.  As the song played, memories of me, as a young girl, dreaming of romance arm in arm with my mystery man, flooded me and it felt like déjà vu. I knew then – that the veil was being lifted on the ever elusive man of my dreams – I felt sure, I couldn’t feel the floor beneath me anymore and I was giddy and anxious, and ecstatic and certain and then unnerved by how right and sure I felt that all I wanted was him, to never leave his side. 

Marlon Ming Photography_0859.jpg
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Q4:  Why do you love your partner? Or What are some of the things you admire about out your partner?

A.  Matthew is extremely dedicated and committed to me.  He is the greatest snuggle-buddy I know.  I admire his unparalleled compassion and drive to help others and be a resource for others –especially those whom he cares about deeply to call family.  

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Q5.  What do you find the most attractive about your partner?

A.     I find Matthew the most attractive when he is happy – he radiates sweetness and sexiness.  I love his lips and his mouth– and find his smile very uplifting.  I love the way his eyes look when he is feeling tender and being lovey.    I also find him very attractive when he is telling me how much he loves me.  (is that a little narcissistic? Lol) 

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Q6:  What’s the craziest thing you have done for your partner?

A.   Craziest thing ever done for my partner? Let’s just say, our trip to Africa was nothing short of epic. 

Marlon Ming Photography_0889.jpg

Q7.  What song describes your relationship?

A.  Time After Time

Marlon Ming Photography_0899.jpg
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Q8.  Describe your first memory of your partner?

A.  Seeing him for the first time was really like a Disney moment for me – I felt like when I saw his beautiful blue eyes and his sweet smile, I felt like I could’ve broken off into song and dance.  Like… “Can you feel, the love tonight…” with fireworks going off in the background. 

Marlon Ming Photography_0902.jpg

Q9.  What do you do well together?

A.  When we have made a plan together and committed to all the various details – we can be a real great team – doing anything together. 

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Q10. What are some of your happiest moments together?

A.  On our sofa, snuggled up in each other’s arms watching a good movie and enjoying a good bottle of wine. 

Marlon Ming Photography_0936.jpg

Q11.   What are you looking forward to doing together once you are married?

A.  We’re most looking forward to being solidly back on our feet financially.  Subsequently, we are looking forward to starting our family and being the best team-mates we can be for each other. 


Faith, Hope, & Love.

A special thanks to all that made this wedding possible. 


Ceremony & Wedding Venue: The Dumbo Loft

Wedding planner: Sherece Donalds (TheBride)

Dress Designer: Da Vinci; RK bridals boutique

Florist: Poises

DJ: DJ Ceiba

Day of Coordinator: Kara Dalling

Drummers: Kolipe Camara & Sean Kelly

Catering: Golden Krust Bakery, Mirch Masala, Mariella's, and Magnolia's Bakery

Bridesmaids Dresses: Etsy

Groomsmen & Groom's Attire: Men's Warehouse

Invitations: Teena Wong

Lighting: Universal light and sound

Videographer: Reggie Williams

Cake: Sophia Hamilton

Photographer: Marlon Ming Photography


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