Senior portraits of Baltimore Polyechnic Institute Graduate

Congrats to Baltimore Polytechnic Institute High School Graduate Devin Taylor! Check out the Q&A with this college bound trail blazer and his senior photo shoot around and about the historic druid hill park conservatory

Q&A with Devin:

  1. Whats your name:  Devin S. Taylor

  2. What HS are you graduating from?  Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

  3. What's your most memorable moment in HS?  In high school, my most memorable moment had to be the day of the placement testing/ orientation. There were so many students and coming from a school which had only a population of 300, I was not prepared at all. It was like I was in competition with 1,599 other students and I remember reminding myself to just remain focus on myself the entire way through that day.

4.  What was the most challenging part of your  HS experience?

 The most challenging part of my high school experience had to be reminding myself that no one is always going to be there to remind me about "this due date" and that "this project is due this day". Instead, I was reliable for myself. This was kind of a first because in the past I was kind of the teachers' favorite and graduating valedictorian in middle school I was always reminded by administrators what I had to do almost every week.

5. If you could do it over what would you change? 

If I could do high school over again I would change the environment which I lived in freshman year, Freshman year I moved several times which was very difficult to deal with. This was another change that I was steadily attempting to adjust to as if the transition from middle school into high school was not enough. I lacked stability at the time and if I could do it over I would be where I am now; which is with my grandmother who strongly encourages stability because she lacked stability as a child as well.

6. What achievements or awards have you received? 

All my life, I steadily made the Principal Honorable Roll. I received most improved in English freshmen year of high school. As stated before, I graduated valedictorian in middle school in 2011. I also was leader of the debate and forensics science teams. Also, I always wanted to get accepted into all the universities and colleges I applied to and I accomplished that goal this year. Now, I will be furthering my education at Frostburg State University.

Thank you for stopping by and as always: Faith, Hope, and Love.  Marlon.