Jefferson Patterson Park Maryland Wedding | Josh & Naomy's Wedding


St Leonard, MD

Naomy + Josh tied the knot on August 9th 2015 at the Jefferson Patterson Park, with a beautiful rustic wedding.  Their love for God and for each other is inspiring and I'm so happy that I was apart of their wedding day in a special way.  Check out the audio of how they met at this link: click here. Listen to it as you scroll through their wedding day memories below.  

What nicknames do you call Joshua? Hunny, Sweetheart, Milk Dud

What do you love most about him? It is completely unfair to point just one thing, in fact, anyone who knows Joshua knows that he cannot be simply defined in one word. My boy is quite dynamic. I'd say I love and appreciate his compassionate heart. I love the way his heart melts for children and the elderly. I love the way he will not simply let me stay mad, he will fight to understand me and he will fight for reconciliation. I love the way he sincerely desires to follow Jesus. In fact, I love his sincerity. If he has something to say or if he feels something, you'll know it. He is also transparent. Consequently, he is apathetic towards the opinions of others and it is one of the things I love most about him. He doesn't allow the opinions of people to define him. I didn't even mention HIS HUMOR. I'm so blessed to be marrying a funny man who understands my weird humor. The list can go on :)

Describe one thing he does that you secretly adore: I adore his ability to be childlike.

Jefferson patterns park wedding maryland

Unfortunately Naomy lost her father last year.  She included a photo of her dad with her as a baby on her bouquet.

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Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

What nicknames do you call Naomy? Nay, Booboo, Nahmi, I call her a lot of names

What do you love most about her? I like the way Naomy smiles. I like the way Naomy looks. I love her mind. I love her genuineness. I love her ambition. I love her body. I love her perfect flaws- these are the things I love most. I love Naomy's style. She definitely has style- she definitely can dress. She is definitely that diva- *chuckles* and I'm not talking about those girls, I'm talking about my diva. I love Naomy's wit and intellect. I love Naomy's love for God most, yup.

Describe one thing she does that you secretly adore: One thing that I secretly adore is Naomy's diligence to seek Jesus- to see God's face.

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Maryland Wedding Photographer

Jefferson patterns maryland park wedding
Jefferson patterns park wedding maryland
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Jefferson patterns park wedding maryland
Jefferson patterns park wedding maryland
Jefferson patterns park wedding maryland

Their love is sweet:

Jefferson patterns park wedding maryland

First dance:

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A few words: 

Hit the dance floor:

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I love their party favors: "spread the love"

Josh praying with Naomy for the first time as husband and wife before setting off their sunset portraits.

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The exit:

Faith, Hope, & Love.

Ceremony Venue: Jefferson Patterson Park

Reception Venue:  Jefferson Patterson Park

Dress Designer: Maggie Sotten

Dress store: J Andrews Bridal & Formal, Peachtree City, Georgia 30269

Bridesmaid's Dresses: Azazie

Groom and Groomen's attire: Men's Wearhouse, Bowtie & Suspenders from Etsy

Invitation & other stationaries designed by: Lauren Jefferson

Wedding Planner/coordinator: Al-Nisa Aduwu

Dj: DJ Droopy

Catering: Alejandrina

Florist: Lauren Jefferson

Wedding Photographer: Marlon Ming