Jessika and Ricardo's Canton Baltimore Engagement Shoot

I met Jessika at Baltimore Bride Magazine's wedding event earlier this year and knew right a way that I would like to photographer her engagement shoot.  She reached out to me and we were able to do a phone consult and when I heard their love story I was even more inspired. Read their love story at the bottom of this blog post.  These two are truly in love in love and I'm so blessed and honored to document their engagement shoot.  

Their wedding is next summer but I'm not available to photograph their wedding, I'm secretly hoping that they will change their wedding date to allow me to do so.  Hey! a guy can dream.

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We met in May 2005 while I was taking a break from Marine Corps training and Ricardo was waiting tables at Cheseburger & Paradise while going to the University of Maryland. My sister wanted to take me out to celebrate my birthday and we went out to Cheseburger & Paradise. I ended up ordering a cuban sandwhich. As usual we were talking in spanish and were surprised when Ricardo joined in. We found out he was also Puertorican. It was like Puertorican to my sister and she insisted I leave him my phone number. I did. He called and we went on one date (reference picture where we look very young lol) of course we have this picture because my sister insisted we take one. My sister had just gifted me a new camera and printer for my birthday aka old school facebook (Thank you Sis for embarassing me pn my date it was well worth it because now we have keepsake from our very first date) It was obvious we liked each other but time and distance was in our way. I returned to North Carolina for training and Ricardo stayed in Maryland attending college. Our schedules were impossible and we simply lost touch. Three and a half years go by and I decide to get out of the Marines Corps and move to Maryland. My brother Victor returned from Spain and we decided to go out and celebrate. So we ended up at Good old Cheeseburger & Paradise to have some drinks. Guess who we run into? No, not Ricardo. We ran into Randy Biggs so we asked about Ricardo- the young cute guy that use to work there lol. Randy said that they were College roommates and best friends and that he would let him know I was back in town. A month goes by an I hear nothing, and I’m too lady like to call a man on my own. So my sister called lol and somehow still had Ricardo’s old number in her phone because he had babysat my niece Danielle at some point. (Staying in the good graces of my sister, good move Ricardo). She called him and left a message to call her back and that I was in town, wanted to meet new people and make friends now that I was living in Maryland. Ricardo called thirty minutes later he was on his way back from Puerto Rico and we set up a date to hang out. On the day of our date the door rang my sister opened it and in came Ricardo. My thoughts (College did him GOOOOD) he looked great. lol. So after that it all history I haven’t left his side since and look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.
— Jessika & Ricardo

Faith, Hope, & Love.