Happy President's Day | Berkeley Springs, WV

Berkeley Springs, WV

Hey Marlon Photography Family! It’s Shonoi here. I decided to finally write a guest post after much encouragement from hubby. And I couldn’t have chosen a better day to write. The weather lately alone is inspiring 😍. So check out my post!


Normally on long weekends like this one we take off on road trips. In fact last year we spent our President's Day weekend in Spencer, West Virginia with friends. This year we decided to stay local and hang out in our own backyard. But of course I couldn't resist taking mini road trip. What can I say I enjoy hanging with my guys in a car. It makes for great conversations, quality time and life long memories. But I digress 😁. So where did we go? West Virginia! Where it is Wild and Wonderful! Berkeley Springs, WV to be exact. It turns out Berkeley springs is less than an hour from our home. So it made for a great day trip location. And the weather! Simply Perfect. We headed to The Berkeley Springs State Park and thoroughly enjoyed dipping our toes George Washington's bath tub and sipping on natural spring water.

Marcus enjoying fresh water from the Berkelely Springs!

Marcus enjoying fresh water from the Berkelely Springs!

We then took a nice stroll through town for lunch at Tari's, where we devoured their oh so delicious falafel burgers. Yummy!!!

On our way home we made a pit stop at The Blue Goose Market in Hancock, MD. Here we grabbed some fresh baked goodies and some locally sourced apple cider and maple syrup. Now that’s what I call a Happy President’s Day! We hope your day was filled with Peace, Love and Blessings 😊

Post written by my wife, Shonoi Ming.