Mighty Manna!

When I found out that the missionary students at Takeo Missions released Manna Mix! , an energizing and tasty trail mix, minus the unhealthy ingredients, I was sold. We ordered our first pack immediately. I received it promptly, which was awesome because we were leaving for our trip to Vienna, Austria right around that time.  Marcus, our son, could not wait to open it up and try it, it did not disappoint.  I thank God for healthy options that actually taste good, especially with raising our precious 5 year old.  There is no additive, absolutely none: no caffeine, no theobromine, and no added sugar; God is Good. Marcus and I are enjoying it; we will post some images of us eating it in Vienna via our Instagram page.  So glad we were able to have this on our first trip to Europe, which includes long days of sightseeing and touring; this is a snack worth enjoying without the guilt after.  We are not endorsed by them or anything; we just want to get the word out.  Please head over to their website and grab your first pack! Not only because it taste good, or because there is no junk in it, but because I believe in supporting business and ministries that serve us with integrity. Find out more about Mighty Manna here.