You are going to love your photographs. You can look at them as digital images for social media, prints, albums, and wall art! You will love the way they are displayed on your wall and will be proud of them especially around the holidays when your friends and family look at your family’s wall of fame. Document the milestones now, you can’t get these moments back. Whether you are recently engaged, pregnant, or have a growing family; we are able to deliver beautiful images in three simple steps. 1. Consultation over the phone. 2. Choose a photo shoot date and time. 3. Rock the shoot. I know that you are busy so it is my job to help make the process as simple and easy as possible.
— Marlon


Not all moments are happy moments in life, but the sad moments make happy ones even more special. When they come around, document them! Remember them through beautiful imagery. It became clear to me how important family portraits are after the death of my beloved father in 2004. The few portraits that I have of my dad are cherished dearly. Life goes quickly and it is impossible to go back in time and capture past moments. Plan it! Capture it! Remember the Happy Moments.