My Philosophy


Its about you and your love for each other! I would like to join you on your special day like a close friend and document all the small and big moments in an artful and authentic way.



Wedding prices vary based on different factors and so prices are customized for each bride. However most weddings prices are $3000+

Along with your marriage, this is the one choice in all of your wedding planning that last after your special day. Make no compromises, this is your love story!  We strive to make hiring your wedding photographer as painless as possible. All packages include full day coverage, two photographers, Professionally edited, full size digital filesand a private online gallery.

Below I posted seasonal time lines to best fit beautiful photography in your wedding day.  A lot of time a bride and groom to be is wondering if they should go traditional and wait to see each other for the first time at the altar or do a first look.  I think this is a personal decision between the both of you, but if you would like to know what best suits photography then it depends on the season that you are getting married in. If you are having a summer wedding then you will have lots of time for natural light photos of the wedding party outside and so no need to do a first look to fit good photos in the day.  I do recommend them for especially winter and spring weddings but all in all, if you are not a fan then no need to worry about that, we will capture great images regardless. 


summer weddings
sunset around 8:30

2:30 - photography starts / getting ready photos
4:00 - ceremony
4:30 - family photos
5:00 - cocktail hour / bridal party photos
6:00 - grand entrance to reception
6:30 - dinner / speeches
7:30 - bride & groom photos

spring & fall weddings
sunset around 6:30

2:00 - photography starts / getting ready photos
3:30 - first look
4:00 - bridal party photos
4:30 - bride & groom photos
5:30 - family photos
6:00 - ceremony
6:30 - cocktail hour / reception follows

winter weddings
sunset around 4:30

12:30 - photography starts / getting ready photos
2:00 - first look
2:30 - bridal party photos
3:00 - bride & groom photos
4:00 - family photos
4:30 - candlelit ceremony
5:00 - cocktail hour / reception follows

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that wedding photography is one of the most important investments of your wedding day.  After your guest have left, the cake has been eaten, the music stop playing, and the flowers dried, you want to make sure that your precious wedding day memories are documented. How can you forget this special day.